Bologna: The first few weeks


Italy is a beautiful place. There is really no doubt – a picture speaks 1000 words, but I think maybe this one could leave you speechless.

Having lived in Italy now for, coming-on, two months I can honestly say the experience is not what I initially expected. In all honesty, I am not too sure what I expected, but the hustle-bustle, chaotic, stressful but equally energetic, and incredibly fun life is not what I had thought it would be.

Bologna is home to the oldest university in Europe, and arguably the world. It is rather an architecturally imposing city, and one which demands your visual attention. I am yet to find one corner of the city that doesn’t ooze charm, character and history. Getting lost in the city is something of a regular pastime of mine, last time I ended up on a cobbled street totally disorientated, only to come across a dilapidated building that is used to practice opera. Lest to say, I spent some time just soaking in the fact that it’s gorgeously sunny in November, I was in Italy, and I was listening to Opera whilst wondering the streets of one of the oldest cities in Europe.

The hardest thing I have found here in Bologna is trying to find housing. It was honestly a complete nightmare, I ended up staying with a friend (whom I had met at the rock climbing wall on my second day in Bologna) for almost two weeks. I would strongly suggest getting housing sorted out before arriving in Bologna. Aside from that, the experience has been refreshing. The pace of life is totally different to Sweden, and the realms of possibility are at times a little mind-blowing. Since I have been in Bologna, I have started to be involved in several projects – welcoming refugees, sustainable agriculture projects, I am learning how to slack-line, how to cook amazingly delicious Italian food – I have even taken up boxing and Silk-Acrobatics!

I am looking forward to see what the next few months will bring.


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